Friday, 7 September 2012

Pregnant father

                                            7-8 months i would say...

Unique Figure

                                             She is single guys! lol

9ja girls for u

                                          Boy: I think you must be blind...hahahah


                                          This should be used for Traffic offenders's

Facebook Tinz

                                           What a Freak!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Designer jeans


#Gbagam of the day

                                           Chai, this guy ...whyyyyy

True quote

                                           some have started already

Spot the Agro


Upcoming Model

                                          That pose is professional....hahaha

Fast Food indeed

                                           Special "sarad"

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Money Matter....

                                           Available for Pick up .

#Gbagam of the day

                                           When did you went there? hahahaha

Perfect lane ...

                                          At least it is not the BRT lane, hahahaha

What Big eyes you have?

                                                  The Better to stare at you!

Blood is thicker than water

                                           No questions about

As they will say " Pool Tinz"

                                                  Mean while the pool is empty...smh

Hawking on the runway...


Fashion police is needed in 9ja!

                                                   Ghana must go? Na wa oo


                                          Dad: I wouldn't know, ask your

Double backing....

                                           Is this Technology too? lol

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

#Gbagam of the day!

                                              No, he doesnt bought them on your name....hahaha

Wise Man!

                                             very wise indeed...

9ja Girls, Fear them oo...

                                           Awon oloshi....hahahaha

ATM balance...


A smile to cheer up your day!

                                          Nightmare in the

Guy at the counter!

                                           W T F....

Oya, for those of you who get 100% IQ...

                                            If you ask me, who i go ask? lol

Officer on pinging duty on a Nokia!

                                           oh boy, see neck...chai!

Movie production in progress!

                                          No time for long

Coma indeed!

                                           Trust 9ja!

Nigeria SpiderMan!

                                           I can bet all the ladies are tripping...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Pinky and Brain school? WT*

                                         You have to be kidding me

I almost called him Mummy...

                                        Okay ladies, recommend the bra size for him...

Even 9ja beggers don't use this format.

                                         Come let me teach you the Karate, so you can pay me!

Who rock am beta?

                                        Obviously, the "Bread" seller did...:)

Okay okay it's here finally for those brothers who are not sure of their selves...

                                         Na two Orange me i de see

Funky Grandma...

                                                    Old Mama                                            

Only in 9ja will you see a Superman called Batman.


What an Ad!

                                          Boys & Girls...I go die

Where was he when they were electing the " HEAD of States"

                                         Some mothers do have them. lol                    

Lastma man fights for his Country!

                                          Driver: "I go Wound this Lastma oo" Lwkmd